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"When I started reading Kill me, by new author Alex Owens I expected the usual - Vampires, Intrigue, Drama and a little bit of Spice.  What I did not expect was the hilarious writing! A few pages into the book and it is crystal clear that Owen's strong suit is her ability to hit the funny bone every few sentences. "  

~Aditi, READioactive Book Blog





"I made time for this book. I wanted to know what was going to happen next." ~ Mark, Masquerade Crew


"Not your traditional, action-packed vampire tale, but it is one that's full of conflict - emotional, psychological, and (at times) extremely physical. Fast, fun, and . . . dare I say it, empowering . . . this is a wonderful story and one that will leave you anxious for more."

~Sally, Bending the Bookshelf Blog



"Overall, a fun, indulgent novel that will appeal to any woman who has struggled with being a working mom and wished for secret powers."

 ~ Christine, Ensconced in YA


Quick and enjoyable read. Our heroine is a take-charge kind of girl who won’t take being bossed around, even if it is by a very scary trio of vampires. After all, she’s got a dead-beat husband to kick out and a daughter to raise. 

Queen Marie, Indie Author Anonymous (GOLDEN BOOK REVIEW)


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