Keepers of the Dark Series

*Co-written with Heather Marie Adkins

Egypt isn't prepared for these two.

Deep beneath the sands of Egypt, darkness wakes.


Tengo Garcia doesn't know where she came from. She grew up hard and fast in rural Guatemala, learning early on how to defend herself. Then one night, she commits a crime with magick she didn't even know she possessed—and ends up on the run from the drug cartel.


Photographer Aggie Black grew up as the only Iroquois child in a Catholic orphanage. It taught her to be tough, creative, and independent. But when she starts seeing things that nobody else can, her life goes downhill, fast.


Both girls are given an opportunity for a new life. For Tengo, the offer makes perfect sense. For Aggie, it’s a way out of a mess that she shouldn’t even be in. From drug cartels and the FBI to Egyptian gods with a vendetta, Tengo and Aggie's lives are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

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