Daughter of Darkness Series

*Spin off series, connected to the Blood Chord series through the daughter :-)

In the wrong hands, magic is dangerous. In hers, it’s deadly.

As a child, Quinn killed someone with an errant blast of magic. The guilt from that accident drives her to redemption by tracking rogue shifters through snowstorms, toasting demented demons, and romping through graveyards playing zombie whack-a-mole, with a blessed sword in one hand and a fifth of Fireball in the other. That guilt is why she'll hunt the monsters and why they'll fear the hell out of her—Quinn has nothing to lose and everything to atone for.

But a girl’s got to start somewhere and Quinn's first job isn't off to a blazing start. She’s already lost the thing she was hired to retrieve, there's a nerdy-hot guy all up in her business, and her fanged employer is threatening to call her mother if Quinn doesn’t get her act together and finish the job.

Some moms nag, but Quinn's bites. Failure is not an option.

Fans of Darynda Jones and Shannon Mayer will appreciate this dark, witty romp into a world of magic and mayhem, crafted by the author of the twisty Shadow Vampire series.

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Coming Winter 2019

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